Feel the magic. Things are getting out hand but we still are in the mood for more. Information is in the air. No way to stop it. We sit down and relax for a while. There is art around, there is wine and food. We like to look at Art. We like to feel it. It is there for us.

Spring is coming. We can feel it, we can smell it. We sit and enjoy the midday sunbath. Love the cocktails. We spend time. Symbols and codes in corporative mode. Digital hieroglyphics for modern times. All is there to communicate. We try to engage with little success. It’s no time for emotions. Entwined bundles of cables and debris become characters. Vases and amphorae contain stories. We are expecting to receive goods from previous times.

We sit on the ground. We meditate. Electronic light is our therapy. We dive into the screen and reach out. Rolling on relentlessly. We like the smell of the internet. An esoteric idea.

Federico Acal is a visual artist with a strong interest in video, architecture and design. He obtained MA in Artistic Production and Research at University of Barcelona, Spain, 2011 and he was an artist resident at Hoger Instituut Voor Schone Kunsten (HISK) in Ghent, Belgium. After graduating from the HISK in 2013, he contributed to several international group shows with video and installation work that dissects underlying structures and narratives of society.

Joachim Coucke was born in 1983 in Kortrijk, Belgium. In 2012 Coucke became a Laureate from the Higher Institute for Fine Arts (HISK) in Ghent. He participated in several exhibition in Bel- gium and abroad. Coucke works with a diverse range of mediums like prints, assemblages and installations in which he questions our fast changing society under the influence of technology and social media.



Exhibition views from 'We Feel The Magic':Art Viewer.