Antoine Donzeaud
Hometown Blues

15.11 - 13.12.2015

Be quiet I am doing a toast
I don’t need more press
I am famous enough
I am here to have good time
I feel blessed
Every morning I am out because I can not let it down
I pay my mortgage and electric
No mistake
Acid death
I am here for a good time
I haven’t had a good time for a good time
I feel blessed
I am calling you from my home Jim
I let him eat my ass
I don’t give a fuck if I was late
Big cities big butt
Pop queers
We don’t fuck unless it’s cock’s lit
Bad bitches only
Rich niggers only
I never fuck
We just come from that video
Low key maybe high key
She says I am obsessed by dicks I say I agree
I blow your face up
I get a lot of cash
I don’t mind spilling it
Do you like the way I flick my tongue
Can you let me strengh that pussy
Pussies so good

Text by Sonia Dermience, founder and curator of Komplot, Brussels.

Antoine Donzeaud, Hometown Blues installation view, 2015

Antoine Donzeaud, Untitled Stand (hoodiez), 2015 (detail)